ALUPROF aluminium systems allow construction of windows and doors of many different types depending on the range of application and specific requirements concerning their functionality.
Among them there are structures without thermal insulation as well as solutions based on thermally insulated profiles.
We present main system groups that we use in our production.
The best thermally insulated structure in our company’s offer is the MB-104 Passive system in which innovative material and technical solution were applied.

MB-104 Passive system

MB-86 system

MB-79N system

MB-45 system


Wzornik Ral

Aluminium doors are painted entirely with powder coatings of semi-matt surface according to RAL colour chart.

There are also special structural surface coatings in several variations to choose from:
– fine structure without metallic inclusions.
– structure with metallic effect.
– structure with metallic effect, plain matt.

The doors can also be powder-coated with DECORAL coatings, which imitate various decorative coats, including wood grains.

The charts of structural surfaces and DECORAL coatings are available at the manufacturer’s and from sales representatives.

Fine structure without metallic inclusions
Ds 7016


Ds 7024


Ds 7045


Ds 9005


Structure with metallic effect

581 TE 71319 A10


581 TE 71386 A10


581 TE 90070 A10


581 TE 71382 A10


581 TE 90060 A10

Structure with metallic effect, plain matt

580 3E 71319 A10


580 3E 71386 A10


580 3E 90070 A10


580 3E 71382 A10


580 3E 90060 A10


Standard: 2-pane package 24 mm (4/16/4), filled with argon; Ug=1.1 W/(m2*K).
To choose from: thickness ranges of sealed glass units are specified separately in the information about particular systems.

Moreover, depending on the requirements of the facility, there is a wide range of special panes to choose from:
– anti-sun, giving high solar energetic profits.
– dyed in the mass and reflective,
– safe and protective (laminated or tempered),
– sound absorbing,
– fire-resistant.
All possible combinations of these panes are available in our offer.