KÖMMERLING System AD 76 mm.

KÖMMERLING System AD 76 mm.

5-chamber window-door system with 76 mm wide installation.
Modern, balanced optical line of the window.
Internal static stiffening core made of PVC regenerate.
Large chambers allowing selection of steel reinforcements according to the static requirements.
Good thermal insulation: heat transfer coefficient of window and door frames Uf = 1.1 W/(m2K).
Acoustic insulation: 36 dB (up to 47 dB with sound absorbing pane).
ROTO hardware with micro-ventilation: 13 mm hardware axis ensuring optimal anti-burglary protection.
Weldable seals available in light grey for white windows and in black for coloured windows.
It is possible to use glazing packages up to 50 mm thick.
Continuation of the Greenline idea – use of ecological, lead-free calcium-zinc stabilizers.

Inter-frame diffusers: AERECO, VENTAIR.
Sash opening brake; friction or handle operated.
Secustik window handles in many colours.
Window handles with push button or with a key.
WK1 and WK2 Anti-burglary hardware.
Floor level sash control: manual and electrical.
Balcony door with a low threshold 20 mm.
Balcony door latch with an external handrail.
Non-typical window shapes: arches, trapezoids, triangles.
Additional expanding slats in the same colour as the window.
ANVIS mosquito nets.
External overhead roller shutters: manual and electrical control.
External and internal windowsills.

Alle Systeme nur die besten hochwertige PVC-Folien RENOLIT EXOFOL geklebt.
Die Kosten für die Pflege ist äußerst gering. Nur einmal im Jahr, waschen Sie die Oberfläche mit einem Schwamm oder einer weichen Bürste und Reinigungsmittel Haushalt mit über die gesamte Lebensdauer der schönen Aussehen der Folie zu halten.

RENOLIT - Standard Dekorfolien:

SAPELI (Mahagoni)





Standard: 2-pane package 24 mm, with one low-emission pane (4/16/4), filled with argon; Ug=1.1 W/(m2*K).
To choose from: 3-pane package 48 mm, with two low-emission panes (4/18/4/18/4), filled with argon; Ug=0.5 W/(m2*K).
In both variants “warm” glass pane spacers can be used, which will improve the heat transfer coefficient of the window and decrease temporary retting on the edges of the window.

Moreover, depending on the requirements of the facility, there is a wide range of special panes to choose from:
– anti-sun, giving high solar energetic profits.
– dyed in the mass and reflective,
– safe and protective (laminated or tempered),
– sound absorbing,
– fire-resistant.
All possible combinations of these panes are available in our offer.