A multi-point lock is a modern solution that allows closing in several points with a single key.
Moreover it secures the door against a break-in not only in the middle, but also in the top and bottom parts of the leaf.
The advantage of multi-point locking is also better adhesion of the leaf to the door frame which improves door tightness.
For our doors we use multi-point locks controlled mechanically and electomotively manufactured by the Fuhr company.


Locking systems of types 3 and 11 provide perfect protection, where for locking the door strong hooks and bolts are used. When latching the door the central lock is activated and the upper and lower locks are locked with a key.
More comfortable to use are Type 4 locking systems, where after latching the door all points are locked automatically and the use of a key is unnecessary – it is used only when additional exserting of the central bolt is needed. If the door has an external handrail instead of a door handle, then we obtain full comfort of closing after latching the leaf.
In all locking systems daily closing function can be applied. It is used when we want periodically to make the facility’s entrance available to everyone. Enabling this function allows opening the door without the need to use a key (the door is partially closed, but not locked), and disabling the function allows entrance control, for example through the entryphone.

In the locking systems discussed above an additional lock with second key or, interchangeably, the so-called “stiff chain” can be mounted.


Multi-Point locks controlled by electric motors allow building a range of methods of remote opening and locking exterior doors with the use of various control units such as: a remote control, pendant, numeric keypad, fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, etc.
Doors equipped with motor driven lock open most comfortably.

Fuhr 831 Typ11 800

881GL type 11 motor locking system
hook-bolts – control options

Fuhr 834 Typ4 800

834GL type 4 motor locking system
automatic – control options

Types of lock control units are discussed in the options: access control.

Mortise locks

Doors with lower exploitative requirements are equipped with single mortise locks.
A lock of this type has a front made of stainless steel, a latch and a shutter made of ZnAl and then nickel-plated.

Zamek Mc30z

Main lock under the door handle

Zamek Mc30r

Roller lock

Zamek Mc30s

Additional lock

Zaczepy Mc

Lock catches